In the light of deteriorating air quality in the city, the Primary section (i.e Nursery to

 Fifth ) will remain closed on 8th November 2017.



Dear Parent

The school will remain closed on 7th July'16 on account of "ID-UL-FITR".


                    BHARTI PUBLIC SCHOOL,   Swasthya Vihar, Delhi 92

Dear Parent                         

The staff, students and management of BPS seek your benign presence on the Event- Fitness…Fun ‘n’

Frolic, on 23rd April, 2016 in the school Campus at 6:00 p.m. Kindly note the following guidelines for

the event.

1. Formal invitation card has been uploaded on our school website, kindly see it.

2. The school vans will reach at 4.00 pm at the respective bus-stand accordingly. Students are

supposed to reach the school by 4.20 p.m.

3. The participants will come in a casual dress and floaters. Please ensure that they wear the I-Card. 

They will be dressed up in the school according to their event with the help of the teachers.  Kindly

send the following items – foundation, Glossy eye shadow (silver, pink, magenta), 2 small packets

of multicoloured dry glitter, 2 packets of multicoloured tattoo (boys) / 1 packet bob pins & 4 safety

pins (girls).

4. Parents are requested to be seated by 6:00 p.m. sharp.

5. Parents are requested not to leave their seats for photo clicks or for making videos. Kindly

maintain discipline during the event

6.  Food stalls will be there in the food area. Parents may enjoy these. The food items should not be

brought into the seating arena.

7. Parents will be handed over the wards only after the whole event is over. So kindly don’t leave

your seat during the programme.



“Seeking your support and cooperation for making the event a grand success.”


Dear Parent,

The School shall remain closed on 20th April 2016 on account of " MAHAVIR JAYANTI".

Kindly refer page no. 12 of almanac for list of holidays


Dear Parent

The school shall remain closed on 14th April 2016 and 15th April 2016 on account of Ambedkar Jayanti and Ram Navami.

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